The most comprehensive non-invasive blood glucose and metabolic health monitor in the market today.

Say goodbye to finger pricking and say hello to Gluco Quantum ®!

Test strips are so yesterday.


With a 90% accuracy score the Gluco Quantum® is a device that non-invasively measures your blood glucose without finger pricking, a drop of blood or a test strip.

In the comfort and convenience of your home, simply test your blood glucose levels along with other vital measurements such as: heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, and ECG for general wellness and optimal metabolic health. Diabetics can take control and have better management management of their diabetes with more frequent daily measurements.

Click HERE to read more about the validation of the accuracy of Gluco Quantum® vs. other glucometers.

DISCLAIMER: Measurements are for reference only, not treatment protocol.

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The Device

All-In-One Health Monitor

Be attentive and aware of your vital measurements daily:


Blood Pressure

Blood Oxygen Levels


Heart Rate


Blood Glucose Level





For signal collection and input it is then processed using a processing circuit for signal conversion and amplification. The blood glucose concentration as well as the other vital measurements are obtained.

A microprocessor is used to calculate the values and parameters and finally displays the results. You are then able to save these results and share it with your Doctor.

Lift up sensor covers and place both, left and right, index fingers and middle fingers on the sensors. Wait and watch Gluco Quantum® do its thing.

Portable and can be used anywhere!

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